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Veraison is the process by which the grapes change color. The red varieties go from intense green (due to the plant’s own chlorophyll) to red that, little by little, will darken until it reaches purple.

This year, in Ribera del Duero, veraison is taking place these days (end of July). Until now, «pea-sized» grape berries grew immature. From now on, those grains will become fruits that will begin to accumulate sugar and water and metabolize acids.

This summer of 2022 is turning out to be a summer of extremes, with record high temperatures and, for the moment, no rain.

«Once again, we are concerned about not knowing what the resulting vintage will be like. We are sure that the result will be magnificent in quality, although with a lower volume of production.»


The importance of veraison

Veraison timing is key to good vineyard management. Based on how and when it develops, we take a series of measures to direct the development of the vineyard in the right direction, trying to ensure that the grapes ripen optimally: modifying irrigation patterns, pruning and cleaning the vines, among others.

During this maturation, the grapes begin to acquire the nuances and personality that we will find later in the wine, thanks to the poniphenols and anthocyanins, in the case of red grapes. Some polyphenols that, in addition to providing color, will be responsible for giving the wine sensations of astringency or bitter taste.

In addition, it is very important to take into account that once the grapes are ripe, possible conditions caused by the dreaded fungi are reduced to a minimum after the rainy months and mild spring temperatures. Economic savings and health security for the vine.

At Bodegas Vega de Yuso we are treating our vineyards to avoid any possible infection, aware that veraison is already underway and sulfur intensity is not required.

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