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The months of July and August are the most prolific in vegetative growth and the vineyard must be accompanied to obtain the best quality in the autumn harvest.

Leafless is a technique that increases the quality of the grape and improves the health of the vine.

It consists of removing the leaves at the level of the clusters to increase the temperature, sunlight and aeration. The risk of contamination by fungi is reduced, and yield is improved in the case of manual harvesting, as is our case, since it allows the bunches to be cut faster.

The leaves are removed from the side that is least exposed to the sun, that is to say, facing east, because if we were to remove those from the most exposed side, we would burn the clusters due to more hours of exposure to the sun.

At Bodegas Vega de Yuso we have been defoliating our vineyards for more than 15 days, helping the grapes to produce the fruit correctly and at its highest quality. Walking among the vineyards while we observe how the 2022 vintage develops, which we trust will give us as many joys as the previous one.

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