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A good pruning is a guarantee of a good growth of the vine, it serves to give it shape, keep it healthy and vigorous. We take you to the vineyard, where our workmates are PRUNING, one of the key tasks of our wines.

single vineyard «El Vaso»

With the first winter frosts we go to the vineyard and, scissors in hand, begins one of the most important tasks of caring for the vineyard, PRUNING.

«Pruning is to the vineyard what an architect is to a new building.»

For lovers of the field it is the best moment, where face to face with nature, with the vineyard in its wildest state, man takes care of it and cleans it, looking at the needs of each vine to guarantee its long life and optimal performance.

And we wonder what is pruning? It is a matter of rinsing the thumbs and cutting them, of all the elongated branches that are left over from the plant and that we know as vine shoots. It is a task that has been going on for months since its inception, this year since January, the month in which the plant has gone into vegetative halt with the drop in temperatures.

Bodegas Vega de Yuso combine viticulture with cellar work and this pruning activity lasts over time. This allows us to prevent late frosts, which occur at the beginning of spring, from abruptly affecting the sprouting of the vine.

Winter pruning will not be the only pruning. Spring will come and the plant with its maximum vigor will sprout without limits. It will be then when it will be necessary to carry out what is known as Green Pruning. While this moment arrives we will enjoy walking through the vineyards under the frost of the Ribera del Duero.

We hope you found it interesting.

Greetings from the entire Vega de Yuso team!

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